Where can I check out Jonas’ work?2020-05-18T16:32:01+02:00

Head over to Recent Work, or check out the Spotify playlist #mixedbykroon.

I’m interested in having Jonas mix my work. How do I proceed?2020-07-03T08:54:42+02:00

Shoot Jonas a message to start a conversation about your project. Jonas will normally get back to you with availability info and a price quote within one working day.

Who are typically Jonas’ clients?2020-05-18T16:31:12+02:00

Jonas works for artists, music producers and composers, as well as record labels, management agencies, promo agencies and film production companies. Check out the References section for more details.

What are the current mix rates?2020-07-05T18:43:44+02:00

Mix rates vary depending on project size and complexity. Shoot Jonas a message to get a quote for your project.

How do I prep my files before sending them off to Jonas for mixing?2020-07-10T20:43:24+02:00

Check out the Mix Prep Guide.

How long does a mix take?2020-07-02T14:38:17+02:00

Anything between half a day and three days, with one day being the normal.

How far in advance should I order a mix?2021-11-16T20:34:02+01:00

It depends on Jonas’ schedule at the moment. During busy times the lead time can be as much as 10 weeks. Sometimes, however, it can be possible to get a song mixed within a few days. Normally you should try to book at least 2 weeks in advance. Make sure to contact Jonas as early as possible to check availability.

My business is registered outside of Norway. Do I need to pay Norwegian VAT?2020-05-18T16:30:48+02:00

No. Only Norwegian clients pay Norwegian VAT.

I’m a Norwegian client, but I’m not in the VAT registry. Do I still have to pay VAT?2020-05-21T10:04:14+02:00

Yes. All Norwegian clients pay VAT. If you are in the VAT register, however, you will get the VAT refunded by the Norwegian Tax Administration.

How do I pay for the mix?2020-05-18T16:29:55+02:00

You will recieve an invoice by email after the mix is completed. The invoice will normally be due in 14 days.

Can I attend the mixing session?2021-06-14T23:22:26+02:00

Yes. For attended sessions, Jonas normally prefers to work in solitude for a few hours and then have the client show up in the afternoon. Non-attended sessions are very common too.

Can Jonas master my song too?2020-05-18T16:29:04+02:00

Yes. However, he generally prefers not to master his own mixes.

How many mix revisions are included?2020-07-02T14:32:42+02:00

There is no limit. Under normal circumstances Jonas will work until the mix is finished and everybody is happy.

Are instrumental and singback mix versions included?2020-07-02T14:33:18+02:00

Yes. In addition to the main mix, the delivery will include instrumental, singback and a cappella mix versions. Stems are available at an extra charge.

Are stems included?2020-07-02T15:06:13+02:00

Normally, stems will be available at an extra charge.